Lincoln Project: Virus in the World

The Lincoln Project, a conservative group led by George Conway (Husband of Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump), has released a new Anti-Trump advertisement entitled “Virus in the World” that echoes one of the most iconic political ads of all time; Ronald Reagan’s “Theres a Bear in the Woods”.

“There’s a virus in the world. For some people, the virus is easy to see. Others don’t see it at all. Some say the virus isn’t that bad. Others say it’s malicious and dangerous. Since there are those who still can’t see it, wouldn’t it be smart to tell the truth about the virus, since there is a virus?”

Virus in the World Advertisement

From the video’s YouTube Description:

“Echoing one of the most iconic political ads of all time, the Lincoln Project today released a new spot that poses the same kind of compelling question that the 1984 Reagan, “Bear in the Woods” ad asked Americans; in the face of a profound threat to America, what kind of leadership do we expect and deserve?

Just as “Bear” called into question those who treated the then-potent Soviet Union’s military threat seriously, so too did Donald Trump and his allies behave as if the growing threat of Corona/COVID-19 wasn’t serious for over six weeks. “Virus” is a successor to “Bear” and asks the same kind of tough questions.”

Compare “Virus in the World” and “Bear in the Woods”

“Virus in the World” is one of many recent ads by historically-conservative outside groups that take aim at President Trump.

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