American Bridge: Trump Trusted China

Pro-Biden Super PAC ad “Trump Trusted China” Criticizes Trump’s Relationship with China

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American Bridge, A pro-Biden Super PAC, has released a new Anti-Trump attack ad entitled “Trust”. The new ad, part of a 15 million dollar ad campaign, criticizes Trump’s decision to send nearly 18 tons of critical medical supplies and protective gear to China during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Trump Trusted China” is critical of President Trump for comments he made in February that were complimentary of Chinese President Xi Jinping in February and his response to the growing Coronavirus pandemic.

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America first @realDonaldTrump shipped lifesaving medical equipment to China as hospitals in the U.S. faced shortages. Trump's complete betrayal left us tragically vulnerable to the virus—and now we’re paying the price. #COVID19

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This ad will run in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, the same three states that were targeted by Trump’s largest Super PAC this week in an ad campaign entitled “Beijing Biden”. The three states are key battleground states in which President Trump won narrow victories in 2016.

2 thoughts on “American Bridge: Trump Trusted China”

  1. This type of trash is what we were fighting against in Trump. It is racist and does not present the facts. Those supplies were donated by Americans to China-he just got them transported, as one of the few humanitarian things he may ever have done.
    What is wrong with you people? we need to show the American people that we are different and care about them, not follow the Republican lead of racism, follow the money, and bullying. Someone I was trying to talk into voting saw it and called to say
    “See, no difference, so why should we vote?”

    1. Stand By Your Ad

      Thank you for taking time to engage with this post! You make interesting and valid points, especially the plight on engaging citizens to make the effort to turn out to vote, especially when they feel that there is no fidelity in voting and that it is pointless for them to do so. Have you checked out the opposing advertisements surrounding Biden and Coronavirus? Your input on those would be greatly appreciated, as well! Thank you again! If you feel moved to do so, please share this post with your friends.

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