American Bridge 21st Century: Trump Failed Wisconsin

Trump Failed Wisconsin is a new campaign advertisement published by American Bridge 21st Century, a liberal Super PAC. Trump Failed Wisconsin was published on the day of the Wisconsin Primary Election; an election that has raised concerns over breaking social-distancing policies nationwide. The advertisement criticizes the reaction of President Trump to the Coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the entire globe.

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Although numerous states have postponed primary elections, or in some way altered the manner in which voters will vote in the election, Wisconsin chose to move forward with in-person voting which some critics claim is in opposition with the social-distancing guidelines put forth by the White House and many other state governors.

Trump Failed Wisconsin includes an arrangement of audio quotes from President Trump that indicate a downplaying of severity of the virus from various press conferences or newscasts with an overlay of grim Coronavirus (COVID-19) related statistics. At the end of the ad, large text appears on screen that reads “Trump is Failing Us”.

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