People of Color

Donald Trump: Stronger

Advertisement highlights enthusiasm of Trump supporters waiting outside of his rallies, President Trump speaking on the origins of Colorado, American troops at Iwo Jima during World War II, the strength of the economy including job creation, and cites the “Great American Comeback”. Trump claims that “Our Country is stronger today than ever before. President Trump also claims other successes such as killing terrorists, passing trade deals, improved relations with minorities, and more. Ends with tagline “The Best is Yet to Come”

Donald Trump: Criminal Justice Reform (Super Bowl Ad)

Presidential campaign advertisement for President Donald Trump aired on Super Bowl Sunday 2020 touting President Trump’s action on criminal justice reform and incarceration issues. From YouTube description: President Donald J. Trump has accomplished historic criminal justice reform in just his first term in office. Increasing job training for inmates, shortened sentences, and giving second chances to those that truly deserve it.