The Lincoln Project AMERICA IS A WAR ZONE

Lincoln Project – War Zone

Lincoln Project Releases New Anti-Trump Advertisement. Says America is a War Zone, Trump Adds “Kerosene to the Fire”

The following comes from the Lincoln Project’s official press release:

June 3, 2020-The Lincoln Project’s latest video, “War Zone,” released today, lays bare the state of the nation under President Donald Trump’s regime. In this moment of upheaval and unrest, our country needs real leadership.

“Donald Trump has completely failed at governing,”said George Conway, co-founder of The Lincoln Project. “He’s no longer hiding that he’s a brazen authoritarian, so desiring of control and power that he’s willing to turn our once peaceful cities into war zones for his own political gain, at the direct expense of American lives.”

Reed Galen, co-founder of The Lincoln Project, said, “Donald J. Trump has no qualms about inciting violence and mayhem, from the safety of his White House bunker. In an explicit show of totalitarianism, he has taken the U.S. military and police forces and mobilized them against our own citizens. The United States must choose: America or Trump?”

No American should live in fear due to the color of their skin, their political affiliation, or their religion. Donald J. Trump has taken the side of the oppressor and the American people have made it clear they will not stand.The Lincoln Project will fight to protect all Americans and our democracy and ensure that Donald J. Trump is not re-elected come November, and Joe Biden is sworn into office come January.