priorities USA we the people

Priorities USA – We The People

The following is the official press release from Priorities USA for “We The People”: the following is not an endorsement.

We The People” contrasts Donald Trump’s chaos and selfishness with Joe Biden’s steady, compassionate leadership. Millions of Americans are in crisis and Donald Trump still chooses to put himself first while sowing hate and division. Joe Biden knows what it means to be a real leader and he knows that Americans can meet our greatest challenges when we are united. With Biden in the White House, the American people will always come first.

Since March, Priorities USA Action has spent about $24 million holding Donald Trump accountable for his failure to protect American lives during the coronavirus crisis. Priorities continues to invest almost $2 million per week on TV and digital ads to reach voters in battleground states and tell the truth about Donald Trump’s failed leadership. Priorities is committed to investing more than $200 million through the end of the year to defeat Donald Trump and ensure that Joe Biden is the next President of the United States.

“Donald Trump is lying and deflecting in order to avoid any accountability for the thousands of lives that could have been saved had his administration acted with a shred of competence. We will not allow his campaign of misinformation to go unchecked,” said Chairman of Priorities USA Guy Cecil. “Because of Donald Trump, the United States is still at square one in tackling this crisis while other governments, who took the threat seriously, are seeing declining cases and safely reopening their economies. Millions are out of work, thousands are getting sick every day and all Donald Trump cares about is staging his next political rally. We are investing millions of dollars to make Joe Biden the next president because he will put the interests of the American people first.”

the lincoln project rushmore

The Lincoln Project: Rushmore

From the official YouTube description: Trump’s legacy is his countless failures, and the damage he’s done to America and its people. Our Founding Fathers look down at him with disdain.

The following comes from The Lincoln Project’s official press release for “Rushmore”:

July 2, 2020 – The latest ad released by The Lincoln Project, “Rushmore,” contrasts the American leaders enshrined on South Dakota’s Mount Rushmore and our current President, ahead of Trump’s planned visit to the monument this Fourth of July weekend.

“Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt all deeply understood the revered responsibility of the Presidency, and each played a pivotal role in preserving our Republic. Donald Trump, in contrast, shirks his oath of office, constantly shifts blame to disguise his incompetence, and uses his position to further divide the American people,” said Reed Galen, co-founder of The Lincoln Project.

As the nation reckons with a complicated legacy regarding historical monuments, Trump need not worry that any of his will be sullied in the future. He’s already irreparably tarnished his legacy and will only be remembered for his countless failures, and the damage he’s done to America and its people.


The Lincoln Project: Leadership

Lincoln Project Releases New Ad, “Leadership”. Says Donald Trump is No Leader

From the YouTube description: 📺 Regardless of the failure, President Donald J. Trump tells us again and again: “No, I don’t take responsibility at all.”

The following comes from the official Lincoln Project press release:

June 6, 2020 – The Lincoln Project today released an ad exploring how in the hours before Allied troops prepared to storm the shores of Normandy in France, General Dwight Eisenhower took a moment to put words to paper just in case their mission failed.

As Supreme Allied Commander, Eisenhower understood that if D-Day landings failed, the responsibility would be on him. He understood and accepted that fact.

The Normandy invasion led to Germany’s defeat less than a year later. Eisenhower in command, both as commander of Allied forces and President of the United States was marked by courage, responsibility and dedication to America.

“In America, ultimately responsibility for our federal government rests with the President of the United States,” said Reed Galen, co-founder of The Lincoln Project. “Regardless of the failure, President Donald J. Trump tells us again and again ‘No, I don’t take responsibility at all.’ ’’

“It’s time again for America to elect a leader as president,” said co-founder John Weaver.

Unite the Country: Deserve (Pro-Joe Biden Ad)

Pro-Biden Super PAC Tries a New Strategy in Ad: Positivity

Unite the Country, a pro-Biden Super PAC has released a new ad entitled “Deserve“. The ad will hit local airwaves in presidential battleground states and nationwide on cable networks.

The ad takes a different approach than a grand majority of other outside group advertisements in that it is not an attack ad. The ad, rather than even mentioning President Trump by name, instead, the ad focuses on Joe Biden as a candidate and the positive characteristics he brings to the table as a candidate.

“Deserve” highlights the upbringing of Biden, which is cast as middle-class, as well as his work as vice president in the wake of the 2008 financial collapse.

“Voters see the disastrous presidency of Donald Trump every single day as he endangers lives and weakens our economy,”…“It’s time for them to hear the story of Joe Biden and his leadership during tough economic times.”

Steve Schale, chief executive officer of Unite the Country.

Rather than focusing on the most topical theme of the Coronavirus, or attacking President Trump’s response to the pandemic, “Deserve” opens up by showing Biden’s boyhood home in Pennsylvania (a key battleground state that was narrowly won by Trump in 2016) and and includes an clips from his speech to the 2012 Democratic National Convention in which he says Americans “deserve a president who will never quit on you.”