Super PAC Super Dump Vol. 1 : Priorities USA – Holding Trump Accountable for “Disastrous” Coronavirus Response

Super PAC Super Dump

Priorities USA, a liberal Super PAC, has released five new digital campaign advertisements slamming President Donald Trump on his “disastrous” response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Priorities USA is a Joe Biden-backing Super PAC, and aims to turn up the heat on President Trump now that Biden’s chief democratic rival Bernie Sanders has dropped out of the presidential race. 

Priorities USA Action is launching several new digital ads in both English and Spanish highlighting the Trump administration’s failed response as the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on American communities. The ads also contrast Vice President Joe Biden’s competent and honest leadership with Donald Trump’s reckless disregard for the needs of the American people.

Priorities USA Press Release

This Super PAC Super Dump is an ongoing effort by Priorities USA in their $7.6 million TV and digital ad buy that is predominantly aimed at voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida. 

Because Priorities USA has released numerous ads in one day, we will organize them all into this singular post. There will be links to the individual advertisement page as well as the ability to watch them directly on this page. We will also link the commercial in Spanish. Each advertisement will include the description from the Priorities USA Press Release.

“Nurses and Doctors” showcases how the Trump administration has abandoned the medical professionals on the front lines of this crisis, leaving them without the necessary protective equipment to care for patients while keeping themselves safe. 

“Ventilators” gives voice to the patients and medical professionals begging for vital equipment while Trump repeatedly lies by saying we already have enough.

Playbook” emphasizes the intelligence that the Trump administration ignored in the months leading up to the coronavirus outbreak, which is now claiming thousands of American lives. 

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“Other Countries” juxtaposes the exponential rise of cases in the US with Trump’s lies that we have “very few cases” when compared to other countries. 

“Map” demonstrates that while the number of cases of coronavirus was quickly rising, Trump was still downplaying the crisis and refusing to take responsibility. 

“Truth and Action” show the American people what real leadership looks like. While Donald Trump continues to demonstrate incompetence and an administration in chaos, Vice President Joe Biden will bring honesty and decisive action back to the White House.

“Donald Trump has continued to fail the American people in the midst of this national crisis,” “We have an obligation to hold him accountable for the thousands of lives this administration has endangered with their recklessness and incompetence. Priorities will not allow Donald Trump’s lies to go unanswered – the American people deserve the truth.” 

Patrick McHugh, Executive Director

Priorities USA

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