Republicans for Rule of Law: Trump. Unfit. Unwell. Unacceptable.

Republicans for the Rule of Law, a conservative Anti-Trump group, as released a new digital ad entitled “Unfit. Unwell. Unacceptable.” following a press conference in which President Trump suggested that the Coronavirus might be cured by exposing bodies to UV rays, heat, radiation and injecting disinfectant. The suggestion led leading brands of cleaning products to warn people to avoid ingesting household cleaners.

The advertisement will run during Fox and Friends, a popular news and analysis show on the Fox News Network.

From the YouTube description: Last week the president abruptly decided to brainstorm live on TV, suggesting that injecting COVID-19 patients with disinfectant or powerful beams of light could be effective treatments. The moment was such a perfect illustration of everything wrong with this president that we decided to make a video about it.

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Trump later stated that his comments, which received widespread criticism, were made out of sarcasm.

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