Republicans for Rule of Law: President Trump Thinks He Is Above The Law.

The following comes from the official press release published by Republicans for the Rule of Law.

Republicans for the Rule of Law and Protect Democracy released a new video in response to President Trump’s removal of the inspector general in charge of overseeing coronavirus stimulus funds. The removal of Inspector General Fine follows Trump’s signing statement suggesting he can control what information the new Special Inspector General on Pandemic Recovery can provide to Congress.

The ad will air on Fox & Friends in DC, and is being promoted across digital platforms.

This video is the first step in an ongoing project by Republicans for the Rule of Law and Protect Democracy about presidential accountability. Throughout his presidency, Trump has, at every turn, advanced extreme legal arguments and made excuses to avoid the traditional oversight that previous presidents have accepted. In the process, he has negated the checks and balances that are at the heart of our constitutional system, and elevated himself to a king-like position. To learn more about the project of presidential accountability, visit our websites hereand here.

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