Republicans for Biden? Conservative Anti-Trump Group Endorses Biden

Republicans for Biden? Conservative Anti-Trump Group Endorses Biden in New Ad

The Lincoln Project, a conservative group led by George Conway (Husband of Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump), has released a new Anti-Trump advertisement endorsing Joe Biden over Donald Trump for President, sparking a Republicans for Biden fracture within the conservative base.

The pro-Biden ad, “Ready”, according to the Lincoln Project press release, “illustrates why Vice President Biden can reunite the country in a time of deep division, anger, and fear, and why he’s the right man to take on Donald Trump.”

“Vice President Biden has shown he has the temperament and experience to lead our nation in a time of crisis. Donald Trump has left America in a state of danger, despair and economic depression, and the risks are too high to allow him another term,” 

Jennifer Horn, co-founder of The Lincoln Project

The press release goes on to say that “[Biden] has the empathy, compassion and strength to serve. Vice President Biden is the antithesis of everything Donald Trump stands for, and his personal triumphs and tragedies have shaped him into the leader he is today. Joe Biden is the best choice to lead America through our worst crisis in a century.”

“Ready” is one of many recent ads by historically-conservative outside groups that take aim at President Trump.

Watch more conservative anti-Trump ads here.

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