Unite The Country: Joe Biden Plan

Pro-Biden Super PAC Highlights Joe Biden Plan to Combat the Coronavirus Pandemic

Joe Biden Plan Screenshot
Screenshot from Unite the Country’s “Joe Biden Plan” advertisement

Unite the Country, a pro-Biden Super PAC, has released a new campaign advertisement in key battleground states spotlighting Joe Biden’s 6-part plan to confront and overcome the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The advertisement, though never mentioning the President by name, is critical of the response put together by the Trump Administration and offers Americans an alternative, 6-part plan by Joe Biden.

  1. Listen to doctors from the start; charging that Trump ignored warning from US health officials.
  2. Restore the Pandemic Office; referring to the claim that the Trump administration disbanded a pandemic office instituted by the Obama administration.
  3. Open ten mobile testing sites per state; a response to the perceived lacking in testing available to citizens and state governments.
  4. Faster hospital expansion
  5. Produce enough safety gear; alleging that President Trump did not do enough to secure supply lines of PPE gear for frontline hospital workers.
  6. Producing a vaccine that would come at no cost to Americans.
The Candidates and Coronavirus
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