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American Bridge 21st Century: Trump Failed Wisconsin

Trump Failed Wisconsin is a new campaign advertisement published by American Bridge 21st Century, a liberal Super PAC. Trump Failed Wisconsin was published on the day of the Wisconsin Primary Election; an election that has raised concerns over breaking social-distancing policies nationwide. The advertisement criticizes the reaction of President Trump to the Coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the entire globe.

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Although numerous states have postponed primary elections, or in some way altered the manner in which voters will vote in the election, Wisconsin chose to move forward with in-person voting which some critics claim is in opposition with the social-distancing guidelines put forth by the White House and many other state governors.

Trump Failed Wisconsin includes an arrangement of audio quotes from President Trump that indicate a downplaying of severity of the virus from various press conferences or newscasts with an overlay of grim Coronavirus (COVID-19) related statistics. At the end of the ad, large text appears on screen that reads “Trump is Failing Us”.

Unite the Country: Pandemic

Pandemic is a new political campaign advertisement produced by Unite the Country, a Joe Biden-backing Super PAC. In Pandemic, various soundbites from a selection of news clips criticize President Trump’s response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

The quotes are joined by a gallery of images of hospital beds, first responders in hazmat suites, citizens standing in long lines and filling out unemployment applications. This ad is just one of many recent advertisement from official candidate campaigns and outside groups alike criticizing President Trump for his reactions to the pandemic.

Priorities USA: Exponential Threat

“Exponential Threat” is a brand new Priorities USA (Pro-Biden) Super PAC advertisement attacking President Trump on the subject of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). This particular advertisement has created major backlash from the Trump campaign and groups associated with President Trump. Exponential Threat plays audio clips of President Trump downplaying the Coronavirus while the number of cases rises on screen.

Priorities USA: Whatever I Want

About Priorities USA: Priorities USA Action was founded in 2011 to educate and engage Americans to speak out and stand strong against the outdated views of the far right that threaten our democracy and undermine the middle class.