The Candidates on Coronavirus

2020 Candidates on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

coronavirus and candidates.

As the world continues to reel from the outbreak of COVID-19, we wanted to create a space to highlight various advertisements, short video releases, press conferences, and other public statements on the pandemic by the 2020 Presidential candidates.

Selections will generally be any advertisement that references the virus, certain types of videos posted to candidates’ YouTube channels as well as advertisements from outside groups such as Super PACs, and any other relevant offerings. Generally, we will not post the daily briefings from the Coronavirus Taskforce, though you may watch their daily briefings here.

Do Coronavirus Campaign Ads Go Too Far?

Is politicizing a pandemic going too far? See how Trump, Biden and Sanders have squared off against each other on Coronavirus.

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If you are interested in other campaign media surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, please see how outside groups such as Super PACs have covered the candidates’ response to the pandemic.