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Stand By Your Ad Blog

Thank you for visiting the Stand By Your Ad Blog page. Our blog will feature editorials, guest posts, current event discussion and more, all centered around political campaign advertisements. Posts are sorted by release date, with the most recent appearing first. Please be sure to check out our collection of over 300 campaign advertisements, where you can sort by candidate or by campaign issue. We also invite you to check out the inspiration for this website; The Living Room Candidate.

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Why “Stand By Your Ad”?

Why do all candidates say "I approve this message." at the end of their ads? And why is this site called Stand By Your Ad? Find out here!

Welcome to Stand By Your Ad!

Welcome to Stand By Your Ad! Hello! Thank you for checking out Stand By Your Ad; a project aiming to centralize political advertisements in a convenient, nonpartisan manner! The goal…

Do Coronavirus Campaign Ads Go Too Far?

Presidential candidates in the 2020 presidential race are beginning to release campaign advertisements surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19); capitalizing on the opportunity to show their own leadership as well as highlight perceived…