Donald Trump – Biden Stands Up For China

President Trump Releases New Anti-Biden Ad Biden Stands Up For China

YouTube video description: Before and during the coronavirus crisis, Joe Biden has stood up for China, dismissed them as an economic threat, and opposed President Trump’s China travel restrictions.

President Donald Trump has launched a new Anti-Biden attack ad: Biden Stands Up For China.

Following the suspension of rival Bernie Sanders’ campaign on Tuesday, Joe Biden became the presumptive Democratic Presidential Nominee to face off against President Trump in November, prompting the President to release his first direct attack on the former Vice President.

The latest Trump ad features a montage of Biden meeting with various Chinese officials and offering words of praise for China and its leadership. Such clips include Biden meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping and speaking at Sichuan University.

Biden and Chinese President Xi in Biden Stands Up For China

Biden on Borders

One of the more controversial action steps taken by President Trump has been the decision to close travel to-and-from China (among other nations) to contain and slow the spread of Coronavirus.

In Biden Stands Up For China, Trump highlights what he perceives as inconsistencies with Joe Biden’s stance on open borders, even going as far as to suggest that Biden may have a financial interest in maintaining open borders with China.

Joe Biden met with Chinese partners from Biden Stands Up For China

As the ad closes, a clip of Biden congratulating Trump on his action on China is played. The clip stems from a recent phone conversation between Trump and Biden in which Biden offered guidance and advice to the President on facing the Coronavirus pandemic.

Mental Acuity Questioned

Biden Stands Up For China also brings into question the mental acuity of Joe Biden.

Throughout the ad, Biden is heard sounding unsure in his delivery. This tactic leans into recent trending hashtags such as #BidensCognitiveDecline have raised concern over Joe Biden’s mental sharpness during his campaign for President, though no official or medical evidence has been provided to substantiate those claims. The ad closes with Biden claiming “I’m not going nuts.”.

Joe Biden Forgot Clip from Biden Stands Up For China


The new Trump attack ad is not without its own share of criticism, however. Critics points out inconsistencies with Trump’s own relations with China in the past, including tweets in which Trump claims that he and Chinese President Xi will “Always be friends” and that his policies would lead to a “great future for both countries!”.

Critics also point out that while Trump criticizes Biden throughout the ad for being complimentary toward China, that the President himself has taken a similar tone regarding China and their response to Coronavirus.

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