Joe Biden: Faith (Coronavirus) (Updated 4/9)

Joe Biden releases updated “Faith” ad. Now features Coronavirus material.

The Biden campaign has released an updated version of his previously released Faith advertisement. The updated advertisement includes clips and montages relating to the Coronavirus pandemic including clips of first responders, health care centers, grieving Americans and more.

Biden’s updated “Faith” advertisement published 4/10/20
Biden’s original “Faith” advertisement published 2/17/20

The advertisement was released just one day after President Donald Trump’s campaign released an add deeply criticizing Joe Biden‘s relationship with China; the original epicenter of the virus.

The advertisement, released in both English and Spanish, appeals to Americans sense of hope and faith during the COVID-19 crisis, and aims to demonstrate former Vice President Biden’s ability to encourage Americans to remain hopeful during difficult times.

Biden Faith Advertisement in Spanish

Biden’s original release of Faith speaks to his personal character and his personal relationship with religion, especially in navigating him through tough times. In this updated advertisement, Biden encourages Americans to find solace in “dark time” in their faith.

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